Monday, August 14, 2006

No Google Maps for Singapore?

While the world is having great fun mucking around with Google Maps, we've been enjoying the enviable view from the spectator's stand. How about Yahoo!? They've been around pretty long. How about doing us Singaporeans a big favour by putting up some Yahoo! maps for play!

Who's on the street

The leading street map site in Singapore is This site is one of the dot com survivors. I applaud their tenacity to stay in the market. They've been trying a whole lot of things from Google Ads to hyperlocal advertising. Of late (actually it's been almost a year), they've developed an industry reputation for hunting down businesses who have been using their maps without permission/fees.

A newer, less established player in maps is If I remember correctly, they launched when the dot com bubblegum blew up in our faces. Of late, the site seems to be going through revival. If you dig hard enough - you'll realise it's a quasi-government site - like so many other sites in Singapore.

Germans in town

Strangely enough, a German company is providing Singapore maps online. The site, hot-maps, provides a searchable map. Like's maps, you need to get permission/licence to use their maps.

Opportunity to grumble or innovate?

All the maps on Singapore, however, are nothing like google maps. They are pre 2.0 - simple, static and boring. I hope my little grumble is seen as an opportunity for someone to rise the occasion. If you're up to it, I am too. Let me know, maybe I can help with the innovation.

Want to start your own Google Maps? Check out Google Maps Mania for ideas.


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