Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Iran President blogs

While Singapore struggles with the use of blogs in the political arena, the President of Iran has started his very own blog. According to CTV, the President shares his life experiences and discusses the war between Iran and Iraq openly.

What's more? The President is asking for opinions on political issues online.

The juicy part of the story is found in the last two paragraphs. Apparently the President had spoken out against bloggers before.

Closer to home, the blogosphere and politics have had their clashes. A local blogger - Mr Brown - had his column in the newspapers suspended. The incident, no doubt, was political.

Does the Iranian President's blog herald a new era for the blogosphere? Have we reached a tipping point in internet history where politicians are embracing blogs? Does it legitimise bloggers?

This calls to mind an article I read recently about MySpace. The author called out to parents to set-up their own accounts on the internet website that has enthralled the youth of America. If all parents join MySpace, the website would quickly lose its "cool factor".

Would blogging, especially political commentary, lose its flavour once the politicians take hold of cyberspace?


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